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We aim to support every child in our care to enable them to reach their full potential, providing a happy, safe and secure environment for them to make the most of their abilities and talents.


Communication And Language


We give all the children opportunities to talk and communicate in a widening range of situations, to respond to adults and to each other.


Each session they are provided with a rich language environment to extend their communication skills.


Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being


Each child is a valued member of Peter Pan Playgroup.

We help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and others and to realise that everyone is different and valued.


We aim to encourage them to manage their feelings and understand appropriate behaviour, to form relationships and develop social skills, building confidence in their own abilities.


Physical Development


We provide many opportunities for the children to be active and interactive using their fine and gross motor skills and therefore developing their coordination, control and movement.


We help to increase their understanding of how their body works and to make healthy choices in relation to food.




Each child is given time to explore, enjoy and use words and text in a wide range of activities and to have access to a rich variety of books and other written materials to ignite their interest. Linking sounds and letters in preparation for learning to read and write.




We use fun activities for the children to enjoy and become involved with mathematics.


Shapes, space and measures are investigated with them using their individual interests, helping to improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers including simple addition and subtraction through play.


Expressive arts and designs


We enable children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials.


Art, music, dance, movement, role-play and technology are planned for and encouraged, providing opportunities for each child to express themselves and share their feelings through different ways.


Understanding the World


We guide children to learn about their own community and that of others, giving them a chance to explore and observe different places, people, technology and the environment.



We work to Department for Education Guidelines, and follow their Early Years Foundation Stage, a copy of which is always available for your perusal.


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